Saturday, April 27, 2013

Vale Bushell's sign in Thornbury

At the end of a Thornbury street where I lived some years ago, a Bushell's Tea sign survived on a milk bar's side wall for some 60-odd years. I snapped the gradually fading sign in July last year and posted to this blog:

Here's the same sign in Google Street View:

Here's a photo of the sign taken back in 2005, when it was less faded and you can still see the teacup in the middle: And here's one from 2009, the gradual weathering taking its toll:

But today I drove past and the whole thing had been painted over, along with a newly rebuilt fence, in a particularly dull and unimaginative dark grey. Another sign succumbs, still there but hidden, probably for good.

Here is the wall now (added a little later):

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