Friday, November 16, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

Destroyed ghost sign in Thornbury

I've found a couple of online photos of a brilliant sign in Thornbury that, a few years, was subject to an extended tussle between the new building owner (who wanted to paint over it) and local residents (who wanted to keep it). Seems that Creamoata was a NZ company.

The owner won - Creamoata sign, RIP. Here are some pics of how it used to look:

Ghost sign intensive - a few days of riding through the inner north

Over the last few days I've made my way through the side streets of the inner north. Along the way I found a few ghost signs I'd seen on others' blogs, as well as many others. So here they are.

Firstly, a trip to North Fitzroy and into North Carlton. Starting with a few low-key ones in North Fitzroy, things got more spectacular in North Carlton. First, North Fitzroy:

The famous repair place with surly but brilliant owners...has been there forever. 

The window...
And now, North Carlton:

hard to see...can make out the words 'vegetable' and 'grocery'

Robur Tea sign...can hardly be seen now

 The next four are of a spectacular Robur sign that's been preserved in a development. Important for me because it wasn't painted by Lewis & Skinner (see Taylor Publicity signature). This means that L&S didn't hold the Robur contract throughout the decades.

Side wall sign for a primary school, uncovered through some renovation work.

The next day, I rode through Fitzroy on the way to work, including along George Street. Here's what I found:

ghost sign of a different sort...Keith Haring mural on a house wall

I used to work in this building

One of the four former MacRobertson sweets factories in Fitzroy, named after their charismatic founder

From the side...

From the front.

And again,,,

Then north to Clifton Hill:

Plus a couple from the CBD that day:

ghost sign and street art, mixing it up in Hosier Lane

an uncovering on Flinders Street

 And some more in North Fitzroy, on the way back home:

Then back to Fitzroy the next day, this time down Gore Street:

And lastly, a couple from Footscray today, and one in Eltham yesterday: