Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My ghost signs talk this Saturday at Public Records Office Victoria, and article in this week's Beat Magazine

This Saturday I'll be talking at PROV about Lewis & Skinner, ghost signs and accessing public records to research them.You can book here (it's free):

Theme of the day will be Robur Tea :)

And here's an article from the street press about the talk:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

This blog racks up 30,000 reads - plus info on forthcoming archival talk

Well, this blog has got around a bit of late - nice to see that it's generated a comfortable 30k reads in its three years, especially given that it's about such a 'niche' area of interest. A big thanks to those people who have taken a look, shared posts, supplied me with ghost sign pics and commented.

Also, I'm doing a talk at Public Records Office Victoria (PROV)'s Victorian Archives Open Day on May 2. The day will feature a range of great practical archival workshops and talks:

I'll be discussing ghost signs, open digital archives and how we’ve used PROV records to find out more about rescued signwriting documents. If anyone you know might be interested, the booking details are here: