Monday, July 27, 2015

Ciao Coburg milk bars

The other day I went past the old milk bar on the way to my daughter's school in Coburg. It's on Reynard Street, a former sign haven that has already lost a lot of its ghost signs, and found one too.

Here the news is mixed. We've lost the awesome Tarax sign in the windows (see below), but it looks like the grocer and Lipton sign might even survive the redevelopment into apartments:

As it is...

..and as it was.

Here's another around the corner in Melville Road, in the process of being redeveloped too.

And from the same group of shops - a well-hidden Velvet Soap sign, and one more:

Couple of great sign pics from the State Library

Russell Street, 1954, during the Queen's visit. That was the year the Vacuum Oil Company was changing all the signs around Melbourne from Plume to Mobilgas - this one soon to come:

(see full record details here:

And another of Russell Street, 1932:

Here's a great one from 1934 - notice the great work by the Sid Syne company:

Friday, July 24, 2015

A bunch from Brunswick

Here are some Brunswick signs I've snapped over the last couple of months. I would have thought that I'd have seen every sign in that suburb by now, but they keep popping up:


Great former fuel & stockfeed shop in West Brunnie (both sides):