Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A big collection of Melbourne ghost signs spotted in my travels

Here's a collection of Melbourne signs I've photographed over the last few months, and that I haven't had time to download off the phone and upload here. It's always a pleasure to stumble on new signs, even ones less spectacular than some of those posted recently.

Finding one can make a less-than-optimal day that much better (I know, tragic...):

CBD...wonder why I've never noticed this before
Richmond - brilliant palimpsest (and below)
Prahran (obviously)

North Fitzroy. In honour of this week's announcement that General Motors Holden will cease manufacturing in Australia after 60 years of producing Australia's 'own' car.

And now a group from around Glenferrie Road, Armadale and Malvern, mainly near Malvern station:

The front of the building is below on the left.
And here, notice how even some Victorian-era folks were grammatically challenged!

Once a milk bar, now a shi-shi gourmet deli opposite the Malvern tennis courts (darling). At least they kept the ice cream sign.
Once a Greek grocery, now a shi-shi eatery.

Now a few from around Hawksburn train station:

Old shop...can juuust make this out. The rest is covered by a big old red brick wall.

Now a few more....

North Fitzroy. Had to use the bad iPhone zoom. I'm pretty sure the one on the brick wall was a Robur Tea sign (you can see the 'tea')

North Melbourne

North Fitzroy

North Fitzroy (and following)...one of my favourite palimpsests.




Footscray...in honour of the former Forgers department store




CBD...a famous sign. I knew of the sign but stumbled on it completely by accident.



CBD - on display by RMIT

CBD - not a ghost sign but good nonetheless


Brunswick (and below)


Ivanhoe (and below)




Footscray...Little Saigon market is still in operation but the 60s sign is cool



Now where was that?

Armadale...a new sign on top of an old one that looks like an old one?