Thursday, June 26, 2014

Some more great signs from Leisa, this time from Paris and the UK. Also: this blog has chalked up 20,000 page views!

Here are some more great signs sent to me by Leisa Clements. I missed these Parisian ones when I was there last October (see my pics here, plus a short para on why there aren't many ghost signs in Paris:

So it's great that Leisa has passed on these pics.

Also, a short note that this lil' blog is now 20,000 page views strong. That's tiny compared to other high-traffic webpages, but is well pleasing for such a 'niche' interest :)

Latin Quarter:

Le Marais:

Brighton, UK:

Malton, UK:


Thursday, June 19, 2014

A bunch of great sign pics from Leisa

Thanks Leisa Clements for sending through such a group group of pics from around Melbourne town. Here are the signs I haven't posted about yet. Some are still there and some are long gone:


This one's on death row apparently.

Leisa says: Henry Berry & Co was a well-known salt merchant and wholesaler located in Collins Street c.1920-60. This warehouse is at the rear in Francis Street. (Another pic follows).
Flinders Street station in 2009...note the embossed lettering around the letter box



Fitzroy. Leisa writes that this Brunswick Street sign has been painted over:


North Fitzroy. Leisa writes that Drews Cakes is listed on the Yarra heritage citation as a confectioners shop:

Eaglemont - Leisa writes about these two signs:

The Eaglemont Nestle sign is still there but the Cadbury window in the old milk bar is gone. When I went there in 2009 it was the office of a heritage architect and she’d had the sign restored after it had been vandalised. Now it’s been completely removed and the lovely brass window frames painted over. The shop still had counters and cupboards.


Apparently this one has been painted over

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A bushell of country Bushells, courtesy of Lyndel

The other day I was sent photos of a group of brilliant cobalt Bushells Tea and Coffee signs from old country shops. A big thanks to Lyndel Walker for passing these on.

Firstly, Stratford in Gippsland, country Victoria:

Next, Moonbi in country NSW:

Monday, June 16, 2014

Latest big load of ghost signs from around Melbourne and beyond

They just never seem to end. Wherever I go, I find more of them. Here are the latest.

Firstly, Reservoir and Preston:

And closer...see the kid's head?

layers on an old milk bar


Moonee Ponds:



Ascot Vale:

Robur Tea!

Not a ghostie, but good

Remnant of another Robur sign (see next pic too)

South Melbourne:



West Brunswick shop:






CBD: join the Druids!


And here's one in Elizabeth Street, courtesy of Leanne:

...and lastly, one in the far west of Victoria, thanks to James: