Sunday, June 15, 2014

A new uncovering in Northcote - thanks Leisa!

A fellow ghost sign fan, Leisa Clements, has just sent through these pics of a recently uncovered sign remnant on the corner of High and Bent Streets in the inner-north suburb of Northcote.

Leisa mentions that the tag line “every flake a grain of wheat” was associated with Granose, a Sanitarium product that seems to have been the precursor to Weetbix. 


Unfortunately Leisa also mentions that this 'reveal' has come about through the demolition of two lovely buildings that I have long admired – the c.1923 Lew Brothers grocery store and the 1935 Hosking Butchers shop next door. It does mean though that the sign is a very old one. 

Once again, discovery and destruction are entangled as our cities are made and remade.

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