Sunday, April 28, 2013

Signs of heavy industry

Today I had some time up my sleeve before picking up my daughter from a party in the west, so I headed to Newport, Altona and Brooklyn with my bike in the back. Loved it out there in these desolate  back lots, ex-quarries and factories, the kinds of places I used to explore for years before I'd ever heard of ghost signs:

Yarraville, on the way

Newport, on the way


Newport 60s shopping strip (or, yes, circle, as it surrounds a roundabout). Now full of awesome Middle Eastern shops.
Same shopping centre - Lebanese grocery.
Not ghost signs but the best shop display I've ever seen (next two as well) 


Altona - only the "O" remains

Those are also from the backblocks of industrial North Altona:

Now, the industrial backblocks of Melbourne's very own Brooklyn. it's not exactly Williamsburg or Crown Heights, but has its own special charm:

This site is misleading. Despite the abandoned look, it's now home to a hip construction company making modular eco-housing. Gentrification is coming Brooklyn's way - a few lots for sale on the way have been rezoned for residential development.

Nice traditional ghost sign to finish off with. In the bit of Yarraville next to Brooklyn.


  1. Nice Bushell's signage. On the topic of tea, a friend told me about a sign on the corner of Michael Street and Park Parade in Fitzroy North (just off Queens Parade). She didn't say what the sign was but it turned out to be a pretty good Robur sign. I haven't posted my pics yet, but thought you'd be interested (if you haven't seen it already, that is!).

  2. Hi Jayne.

    Thanks for the note. I think I know the sign you mean - I found it via another blog. It's snapped here:

    You might also like this site if you haven't seen it: The difference with John's work is that he's been photographing Melbourne ghost signs since the late 1970s and there are some absolute pearlers included that would now be long gone.