Saturday, April 13, 2013

a few other stragglers

Just a few other pics to add. The first is this layered sign from Rathdowne Street, Carlton. Underneath is a Robur Tea sign, probably from the 1950s (I'm taking a guess based on the font, the silver colour and the byline). On top is a signboard for Manfax paints on Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. It's probably from the 1980s:


Also in Carlton. It's a ghost neon sign advertising the former Lemon Tree Hotel (now the Lemon Tree Childcare Centre). But the place is also noteworthy as the former community centre in the early 20th century for the (then) large Jewish community of Carlton. Layers galore.
Kensington back lane - pic courtesy of Brod (thanks!)
The next two pics are snaps of articles in the local Melbourne papers from 1997. Their subject is Spotswood signwriter/artisan Tony Mead ( his awesome hand-painted pharmacy sign in Malvern (since covered , more's the pity). Tony also painted the Yaraville Palcolor sign following during his apprenticeship!

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