Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An uncovering in the city and a few from Fitzroy

My colleague Andy has just let me know about an uncovering of a doctor's sign at a building site on the corner of Russell and Lonsdale Streets in the centre of Melbourne. Here's the pics she sent (thanks Andy!). I've also edited this post since to add another pic provided by Tony Mead, thanks to relatives staying in the hotel opposite:

And here's another Dr King pic I've added later, courtesy of Janet Harris:

And here are some pics snapped in Fitzroy yesterday in between meetings:

The old Bartak doctors' rooms on the corner of Gertrude and Brunswick Streets -
and my former neighbour

Two generations of signs on Brunswick Street

Hard to see: beer sign above the Labour in Vain Hotel. 

..and across the road.
I've always found it funny that the Perseverance and the Labour in Vain
face each other: talk about mixed messages.

The Rainbow. Carlton was the beer for Fitzroy it seems.

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