Saturday, April 20, 2013

A bunch more ghost signs from Melbourne

Lately I've stumbled on some very nice signs whilst out and about around Melbourne. Again this city throws up something new when least expected.

First, two shots of the same Footscray sign on the side of an old bluestone building being renovated, taken on different days with the same bad camera phone. Just goes to show you that timing and light is everything:

Next, a bunch of brilliant signs from North Melbourne. First up, the remnants of a tea sign in an lane. I think it used to be a Bushells Tea sign because it says "Blue Label" at the top:

And around the corner: spied the faint remnants of a sign on a building side.

But then I looked at the other side - and lo and behold:

(Update on this sign a few weeks later: have just found another ghost sign fan's site - and it looks like this character in the suit is actually a monkey: back to the post)

Still excited about that one, I snapped another remnant nearly next door:

 Then turned the corner into a side street - and lo and behold again:

Then, saw the same sign I'd posted ages ago after seeing it while driving down Abbotsford Street. This street must have been quite the thoroughfare in former times given the number of colourful and elaborate signs on its walls:

Then, a few more remnants in the neighbourhood:

You can see the sign below...look through the tree...

And next, a few others from around Melbourne. Here are three Fitzroy ones taken on the way home from North Melbourne:

(As for the pic above, look what I found on the State Library of Victoria website - this 1967 pic from KJ Halla):

The light was nearly all gone...surprised this came out at all


From a few days ago - Richmond.
Strangely advertising a pinball company in Adelaide, some 800 km away.

Abbotsford back streets


Footscray - across the road from my old workplace and where I found the Lewis & Skinner records.  Soon to be demolished too, I assume.


Kensington - faintest of traces.

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