Sunday, April 7, 2013

a motley collection of ghost signs from Melbourne and beyond

 Here are a few ghost signs I haven't had time to post yet. Some are from me and others from friends who have snapped some signs in Melbourne and further afield.

Firstly, one in Kingsville that (fellow ghost sign fan) Vin Maskell told me about: a Sun newspaper sign on the side of an old milk bar that's been given the generic renovation treatment in all aspects except for the side wall. Ironically the sign's bright colours (and probably the sign itself) has survived because it's  in the shade of next door's trees. I also liked this sign because it's directly across the road from a newish townhouse estate - two very different worlds looking at one another from across the street:

Now a few from other people. First, a couple from Emily: a service station in Penhurst, Victoria and a shop in Culcairn NSW:

Here's one in Richmond from Kim:

And Aaron's snap of what he calls a 'skeleton sign' in East Bentleigh:

Lastly, some more from me:


Kingswood (Geelong Road)

Geelong Road - the famous sign featured in Stephen Banham's book Characters
This and the next - a couple from my old local shops...had never noticed these before
 and had lived there for two years.

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