Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Tel Aviv dairy - barely-there remnant of North Carlton's former Jewish community

As a result of the article in the Age yesterday, some people got in touch and told me about the former Tel Aviv dairy in North Carlton - one of the last remnants of North Carlton's large pre-WWII Jewish community.

Today I went to take a look - pics are below. As I was snapping the side, I met the neighbour who told me about the history of the place. She got this from Esther, the last remaining descendant of the family,  who died some years ago. The dairy hasn't produced milk since 1957. The family was one of the first group who were supported to emigrate in the 1880s (along with other eminent families such as the Smorgons). They came from Poland.

As you can see, the signs are barely visible now and won't be around for much longer:

Update a couple of years later:

The dairy was sold last year - and a fact sheet on its history has been compiled by the Carlton Community History Group: Here's an image version:

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