Thursday, September 12, 2013

Latest version of the big map to be displayed at the exhibition

Lisa has been Photoshopping up a storm of late. The map below is nearly the final version, and is about to be printed out on a hard backing. It will be printed in two sizes by Tony Mead for the exhibition at Lady Moustache cafe in just under three weeks.

The big one (1.4m x 2.1 m) will take up most of an upstairs wall, and a smaller version (1m x 1.5 m) will sit on a wall downstairs for people who aren't able to traverse steep steps:

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  1. This is great. Have you thought about mapping the whole archive using History Pin, could make a great story? Will update you on our own discussions which are following a similar direction to your community engagement work in Melbourne so hope to learn more about this over time. Keep it up!