Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More signs, from all over

Here are the most recent fruits of my phone camera labours: a combination of random stops in the car and things noticed on bike trips giving locals info on next week's signwriting exhibtion (more about that coming shortly...)


Carlton - Robur sign


Kingsville grocer - one of the locations where a Lewis & Skinner sign was painted

Yarraville #1

Yarraville #2

South Yarraville...spied by accident: another Robur sign

West Brunswick #1

West Brunswick #2

Kensington. Have snapped the sign below previously...but never noticed the one above. What does it say?


Footscray. Business still in operation.


Footscray. Be probably be gone soon.

Footscray. Vietnamese fashion ghostie.

West Footscray - another locations where a Lewis & Skinner sign was painted

Look down a Footscray driveway....

...and you see this.

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