Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A bunch more SA ghost signs - starting with Port Adelaide

Here are some more ghost signs from my recent SA visit.

Anyone who's into ghost signs and in Adelaide should make a beeline for Port Adelaide - unlike other port areas in this country, this one hasn't been renovated to an inch of its life. Not though from lack of trying I's just that the investment dollars didn't follow. As it stands, the port still boasts blocks of vast un-apartmented Victorian warehouses and wool stores. As with the rest of Adelaide, there are more Victorian ghost signs around than the inter-war and post-war signs you tend to get in Melbourne and other places. There's a thesis to be had in why, but for the time being here are the pics:

Here's a great palimpsest. It's on the side wall of a row of Victorian terraces directly opposite the town hall, and that have seen better days, in the nicest way. Note the large sign for tea:

And here is some shots of the shops at the front. The cake shop goes back to 1870:

Staring inside at an empty shop with inlaid floor:

Now for the rest of the port.

There has been some 'ye olde' restoration/repainting as per the next three...but not too much:


One of the famous SA German settlers...Muecke means 'mosquito' in German.

 Old sign, new development

Not a ghost sign, but fabbo bit of early 20th century orientalist typography

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