Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The best ghost shop anywhere?

I'm currently in Adelaide, the city I used to live in many years ago. I'll soon be posting other local ghost sign pics, but this find deserves its own post.

Yesterday I explored around Bowden and Brompton, two old industrial inner-city suburbs that used to be down-at-heel but are now in the full swing of gentrification. I remember coming here as a student in the early 1980s in some dubious company...an edgy drifter who had stumbled into the university house I lived in and I had somehow befriended. He took me via train to his mum's house in Bowden, a tiny worker's cottage surrounded by factories,  where he sorted and weighed the pot he was selling to get by. A parallel universe.

Anyway, these days the massive factory complexes in the south of Bowden have been demolished and are currently open spaces waiting for housing to be built on them. The Victorian railway station has been cafe-fied, and the more residential parts to the north are being increasingly renovated and reclaimed.

It's here that I found this reclaimed corner furrier's shop - perhaps the most charming and intact old shop I've seen anywhere, especially with its immaculate red painted glass front. Thankfully the new owners have kept it as it was:




  1. That's a fantastic time capsule, lots of different era graphics

  2. Excellent sign and information in your story Stefan. Happy New Year and looking forward to catching some time.