Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The rest of the Adelaide ghost signs

Continuing on from the last post with Port Adelaide ghost signs... here are the rest of the signs I found during my recent SA visit.

Firstly, Semaphore. Plus a few more in the nearby Port:

Not ghost signs, but a couple of great old-school Port Adelaide milk bars:

Next, Bowden/Brompton:

 On the road to Hallett Cove (you can't see the sign too well though...):

A great shop on Payneham Road in St Peters:

 And way north in Gawler:

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  1. These buildings, although categorized as ‘ghosts’, I find that there is some charm to it. I know of some self storage facilities who have used existing structures for their warehouse. They took advance of the old charm of these structures in order to have a character in the market. I know one company that stores their mobile pods in a facility that used to be an old diner. Since the diner is located near some small offices, it was convenient for these offices to access their mobile pods and storage.