Monday, October 8, 2012

Then and now (last post for the day)

Over the last few days I've been looking at the photos from the Lewis and Skinner collection. Mainly of Mobil service stations, a few didn't have addresses attached. So I posted them to Facebook and asked some friends. Combining their eagle eyes and research skills, plus my own attempts, we've been able to identify quite a few, as seen here:


  1. I have this great Bushells faded sign on my blog - took several photos and if you want them, I can email to you.
    Some of my past posts have featured old signs I've seen around Melbourne.

  2. Hi Leon.

    They're wonderful signs - thanks for alerting me. They also tie is so well with the Lewis & Skinner online signwriting archive I'm doing (

    Where in Surrey Hills are they? Would love to get out there and take a look before they're covered up again. And would you be willing to let me repost your pics if I acknowledge you and put in a link to your blog?