Monday, October 8, 2012

The best old milk bar in Melbourne? (and others)

Yesterday I managed to get out on the bike for the first time in many weeks. I started in Flemington and Kensington, then headed down to Port Melbourne, the former home of seadogs in tiny weatherboards, but now gentrified and developed into a renovators' heaven. There I stumbled on the milk bar I was looking for, after seeing some pics on a photo sharing website:

It was exciting to see the Noon Pies sign, after finding the Noon Pies bag in the Lewis & Skinner archive of signwriting jobs (in this case, a job for Leopold's Food Store):

Here are some others from the area:

back of a service station on Williamstown Road

And here are some from Kensington and Flemington (plus two in Ascot Vale and two in the city):

oh irony...look at the van


  1. hi stef -- can you get in touch please. I'm after a bit of help with a project I'm working on.


    1. Hi.

      Have responded via email - let me know if you don't get it.