Monday, October 8, 2012

The complex life journey of a rock star ghost sign - and more from Footscray and Seddon

In the back streets of Seddon, inner western Melbourne, is a sign that I snapped today:

If the ETA Peanut Butter sign looks a little too new to you, you'd be right. In 2008, this much-photographed sign looked like this:

Then, in 2010, a signwriter of a different kind  added their brand to the wall:

And now, in response, you have the above. The overpainted version looks a little clunky to me - the cursive line is in a different colour, the wavy demarkation between the old and repainted bits looks dodgy, and the ETA doesn't have the delicacy of the original. What should have been the response, if any? I'm not sure.

Here are a few more from the area that I also took today:

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