Friday, February 17, 2012

More ghost signs, and radio doco possibility

This blog is turning into a dual one - exploring both the signwriter/ghost sign side and the ARP/Morris West one.

Been doing some reading on ghost signs, aka Brickads (mainly UK) or Fading Ads (mainly NYC it seems). Quite a movement on Flickr, Twitter, and with some figureheads such as Frank Jump from the UK, a teacher who was diagnosed with AIDS a couple of decades ago and now is the Fadings Ads guy...some interesting commentary out there about survival, forgetting, memory etc. Plus now there's “Characters: Cultural Stories Revealed through Typography” by Stephen Banham (Port Melbourne: Thames & Hudson Australia Pty. Ltd., 2011) which is all about Melbourne's history through signs.

Anyway, here are the next couple: a remnant of a Robur sign on Gaffney St plus another opposite where we live on Gilbert Rd, then one in Spotswood. OK, the latter two aren't Robur signs, but I'm getting into this:

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