Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Last night I went back in

Couldn't help myself and went back to the pile of papers last night. Picked up a lot more stuff, whatever I could fit into the assortment of boxes, milk crates and cases strewn around the site. Lucky, because this morning bulldozers started to scoop up the site detritus into skip bins.

Here they are back at home:

I think I may follow up on the art project idea using the piles of stuff found. Currently am thinking of:
  • sorting out the job sheets and invoices by address and area
  • going out on missions, or getting others to, or both. This will involve photographing the job sheet, putting it in an envelope (maybe with 'with compliments' written on old blank Lewis and Skinner sheets in fountain pen), going to the location, photographing it, dropping the envelope under the door or in the letterbox
  • Upload the photos to a project blog site (perhaps the envelopes or blank sheets can have the blog site web address on them, done with a 1940s style ink stamp)
Kind of anonymously troubling the present with the past, at a time of rapid change in our city (as represented by all the demolition commotion going on next door as I write this). Hauntology I guess, a call to remember all the forgetting going on right now. Retrostalgia? Possibly too. The Robur/Cadbury/White Crow signs were the mass marketing of their time, nothing too romantic about that. But now people take photos of them, like me. They do however hint at layers, literally, in a city where the layers are either being subsumed or destroyed outright.

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