Sunday, August 23, 2015

Brilliant Lewis & Skinner cocoa sign uncovering in Caulfield

Big thanks to Rob Gray for alerting me to this uncovering on Glenhuntly Road in Caulfield. It's for Bensdorp's Cocoa, a brand that is still going. It looks like it's from the 1920s or 1930s, judging by the cobalt blue and type face - but it's hard to tell. There are a few containers around with a similar type, such as the one on this page, described as being "1900-1930":

Still, the most exciting thing for me is that it was painted by the Lewis & Skinner, whose company records I found three years ago (see:

Here are some of the pics I took today, in the late winter light:

From the street

From the back

And here's an example of a tin with a vaguely similar typeface:



  1. Fantastic work Stefan and you truly are a great ghost sign sleuth. Happy to have helped in some way and the detail of your photos and the evidence of Lewis and Skinner is exciting. Rob

    1. Yes indeed...good to find evidence that they actually painted real signs!