Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bird spotting in North well as other creatures

Yesterday I was booked into an Indigenous walk along Merri Creek, which was cancelled at the last minute.

So instead I reacquainted myself with the uber-gentrified streets of one-was-working-class North Fitzroy...and found a few beauties.

On the way to the walk, I had seen a round mark on a wall - here's what it looked like close up. It looks like it's a sign for the Rosella brand of jams, whose factory can be found in Richmond:

A few streets down were two lovingly restored buildings on the same block, each with its own sign:

 Plus also spied a few other faint traces here and there, as well as rephotographed two old Robur favourites - one that seems to have revealed extra layers as it has aged, and another whose remaining traces have been further covered with posters:

This old laneway factory has a "partial demolition" sign on it.

Down another laneway

Nearly gone...


Nearly gone 2...

And here are the Robur signs:

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