Thursday, May 14, 2015

Superb old shops in East Malvern

Earlier this week I had an appointment at the Monash University campus in Caulfield. I was early, so parked across the road and went for a walk down and around Waverley Road. The walk started promisingly....

....and then got really good. As in this great old deli/butcher's shop, preserved by the current occupants. They've taken the trouble to build in the old windows (one of which looked like it was hit by a bullet):

And down the road, a brilliant old grocery (was taking the pics into the light, so excuse the poor quality pics):

And as a coda, here's another one across the road:


  1. Good work Stefan, I have a few photos like this from a few years ago and happily all the old signage in Waverley Rd like the Delli, Eta and Fishers seem intact. Rob G

    1. Would love to see them Rob - are they scannable?