Thursday, May 28, 2015

Brunswick - a great old milk bar, plus some other locals

I've been traipsing in and around Brunswick a bit of late, and in doing so have stumbled on a few ghost sign finds along the way.

Firstly, a former milk bar in the back streets of Brunswick East:

You can just make out some signs at the top....

What's hiding under there?

Robur Tea!


And speaking of Robur Tea, last week I revisited the Robur roof near Melville Road, West Brunswick for some more shots. Up close it looks like this:

Notice the other faint ghost signs up the top too:

But when you walk further down the street, the message becomes clearer:

Here's a view from the back, showing another Robur sign:

Around the corner, a few other motley signs:

Bad time of day to take a pic, sorry

Further down Melville Road, there's this:

And in the back streets nearby:

Lastly, a hint of something elaborate on a wall in upper Lygon Street:

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