Monday, March 2, 2015

Another fab uncovering - this time in Brunswick East

Yesterday someone posted a pic of a fabulous Mobiloil and Dunlop duo on the Lost Melbourne Facebook page. I did some online sleuthing today and found out it was in Lygon Street, East Brunswick - fittingly right in the retro-hipster epicentre of the north.

Then the master photographer of Melbourne's ghost signs, John Hunter, ( took over and located the spot: right next door to the former East Brunswick Club, where I used to see some great gigs before the usual thing happened: redevelopment into apartments.  Hence the uncovering,

So tonight I went there on the way home, hopped over the cyclone fence, and took some pics. Since the original photos were taken, the Dunlop sign's been tagged (rather nicely, in my view) but the rest of this understated but lovely wall of signs is still there:



And lastly, a fragment on the other (pub) side:

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