Sunday, March 8, 2015

A few from the wild north

Such a beautiful day today - perfect for a ride around the working-class, multicultural hubs of Broadmeadows and Glenroy.

And yes, a few latter-era signs were found.

Firstly, Olsen Place in Broadmeadows. These days it's an almost entirely Middle Eastern shopping strip, but once it looked like this (thanks to this pic from the State Library of Victoria):

Today, a few traces stubbornly cling on:

One near the Broady station:

Next, Glenroy:


 ...and back in Reservoir:

And then there was yesterday - a great former trailer manufacturer in Lalor:

Plus earlier, a visit to the bike shop. The window had this poster - ghost signs hitting the mainstream:


  1. Excellent work as usual Stefan. Its an area I rarely get to. Bike riding seems a great way to see more. Rob Gray

    1. Yes, riding a bike is a great way to go. But need to be a little careful - I get carried away and have to remember to watch the traffic.

  2. thank u for olsen place picture, it really helped me on my design project for this place