Saturday, April 19, 2014

Found: two more big Bushells Tea signs

Last couple of days I've been exploring some inner suburban areas, and in those travels I've found two more elaborate Bushells Tea signs.

The first one is in Abbotsford. It's near the Victoria Park footy stadium, metres from the small house studio where we recorded my former band Peachfuzz's first and third records in the early 1990s. Of course the signs would have been there then (and less faded) but I don't remember noticing them when we were loading our gear into the studio:

On the main wall of the building (obviously the one more exposed to the elements) there are  remnants of a larger Bushells sign. You can just make out the tea cup and the 'More Cups Finer Flavor' line:

The other Bushells sign is in South Melbourne, just near the ornate Victorian town hall and square. It's the whole side wall of a former grocery, and is pretty hard to see. The colours (silver, blue, yellow and green) are the same as the recently departed Bushells wall in Coburg: see

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