Saturday, March 15, 2014

Latest backlog of ghost signs from around Melbourne

Here are the latest photographic fruits of my travels around Melbourne.

Firstly to Victoria Street, Collingwood, where a fab Indian Root Pills sign was once rendered in the same  large and loud fashion seen in some recent Indian Root Pills uncoverings. You can still see remnants of the cobalt blue background:

And around the corner, a reminder of the old industrial Collingwood:

And from a drive to Greensborough, incorporating a bike ride along the Plenty River:

In the back blocks behind the Plenty River - some ghost signs on ghost vehicles:

West Melbourne railway bridge. Bowens Hardware in North Melbourne used to be client of mine in my first job - writing and producing telephone 'on hold' messages:

...and around the corner, a glimpse of an uncovering:

Now to North Melbourne and Flemington: Briquettes ads:

Plume Motor Spirit (Vacuum Oil Company). Have passed this many times before, but this time the light was just right to see it:

Penfolds ad:

Tuxan shoe polish. Not technically a ghost sign though, since the shop is still going.

This one's also still going, but the sign is nice:

Greys is better!

Have snapped this milk bar sign before, but unfortunately the other side has now been smashed:

A few from the former McCabe factory in....McCabe Street:

And now to North Carlton and Brunswick:

Stood in next door's front yard for this one (there was no fence). The resident saw me but was very gracious :)

Now a cafe, but the exquisite sign's been kept

Was an engineering workshop, is now apartments

One from Fitzroy:

From Mark H, one from the city:

...and another in the CBD - the famous 60s modernist statement, with old tram signs:

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