Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another incredible uncovering in Armadale - plus a belated one in Rosebud

Last night I received an email from Linda, who alerted me to a fantastic uncovering of ghost signs in Armadale, just near where the large Cadbury sign was revealed recently. (thanks Linda!)

They're on two walls, in between Kooyong and Glenferrie Roads, if anyone else wants to check them out. Below are Linda's photos - I plan to get there myself in the next few days:

I've also been alerted (thanks Mark!) to another uncovering in 2010 in Rosebud, when the skate centre was demolished. Apparently the signs (a Swallows biscuits sign and a Medallion foods one) are still there next to a new Shell service station,and are a source of admiration for the locals. I can't show the photo here - I don't have rights - but the link is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23651645@N03/5134631793/. I plan to get there soon too. Given that Swallow and Ariell, as well as Groves McWhitty (maker of Medallion foods) were Lewis & Skinner clients in the early 1950s when these signs were probably painted, it's highly likely this was a L&S sign.

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  1. Some good photos here of the Armadale signs by John Hunter: http://johnhunter2008.jalbum.net/NEW%20FINDS%20-Armadale%20VIC%2025-03-2014/