Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Latest large backlog of ghost signs from around Melbourne

 Here are some more pics of signs from around Melbourne, collected over the last month or so:

Preston and Reservoir:

Trugo is the only truly Australian game besides AFL. It was started by railway workers in Melbourne's inner west in the 1920s. Unfortunately it's fading fast - this club is now closed:

See the little kid's head? Wonder what this ad was  .

See the few letters down the bottom?

near the train station: jovial 60s sign for Tuxan shoe polish

Great rundown deco building on Bell Street (and below) - then two more across the road at the former supermarket.

Former garage I've snapped before - but this time paint has fallen off to hint at the sign underneath

Pascoe Vale:


The famous Aussie/Greek window sign on upper Lygon Street that has featured many times in books such as Stephen Banham's 'Characters'. It's starting to lose some of its colour.

A few traces

The great Robur teapot on Lygon Street, this time with a better iPhone camera than last time I snapped it. The Lewis and Skinner records document quite a few of these being painted around Melbourne. This time the doorway below the sign was open, so I also managed to snap it from below.

..and speaking of Robur Tea, I think there may have been a Robur sign here in this palimpsest, judging by what looks like the cursive 'tea' similar to the 'better tea better presents' line in a bunch of other Robur signs (bottom right hand area, below)

These three warehouses are right next to each other - signs of Brunswick's former rag trade, and its current status as hipster arts central (judging by the current residents)




Another former pub across the road from the one can just make out the hotel name but it's faint

Four from some converted garages in the back streets - some signs look original, others added later

A few follow from this wall. There are traces of signs all over it.

Didn't see the end of the old Robur sign until I viewed the photo.

Another Robur sign?

Plus: a couple from others in the country:

Ouyen,  Victoria (thanks Tim):

and on the road: VW Kombi with Golden Fleece sign - and mags (thanks James):

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