Friday, January 3, 2014

A Nugget shoe polish sign, an old photo, and being sprung looking over a Carlton fence

On the corner of Canning and Neill Streets in Carlton is the remnant of a large painted Nugget shoe polish sign. You wouldn't know it these days, though, because the yard facing the wall is covered in foliage.

But that wasn't the case in 1983 when John Hunter photographed the sign:

Inspired by John's photo, I went to take a look yesterday. The yard, as you can see in the 1983 photo, has a high wall around it. So I put the bike against the wall and climbed on it to take a look.

The only thing was: there was someone in the yard. They very nicely asked me what I was doing  - I'm not sure I would have been as even-tempered.

Flustered, I explained myself - and the resident (who had also been interested in the sign and taken photos) was gracious enough to open the back gate, let me climb over the washing line and take a few pics. Here they are :)


  1. It is so interesting how people can switch from being hostile to quite hospitable once you let them know you're just interested in the history of something. Last week I was photographing some of the old buildings bayside along Nepean Hwy and a very unhappy "BottleO" manager stormed across the road and demanded what I was doing. Once I explain she invited me into the deeper innards of this old grog shop and showed me a wall covered in early cigarette advertising.

    1. Hi Charlotte - thanks for the comment.Yes, totally. And I find I react the same way too...once you realise someone's motive then you can let your guard down a bit. I've had people let me jump on their roofs using their ladders (a sign was high up next door), enter their premises and take pics. I'd love to see your pics of the grog shop - are you putting them on your blog?

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  3. Yes to all that. Most people who do approach me when I have my camera out do so out of curiosity and all seem interested in what I am doing and generally have a sign they have noticed or one they remember from childhood that impressed them.