Friday, June 21, 2013

Brilliant ghost sign cluster in Altona/Seaholme

Signwriting artisan Tony Mead has just sent me some pics of of a great cluster of signs on a wall in Station Street, Altona/Seaholme. Here they are:

Medallion Foods sign...looks circa 1952, judging by this similar sign in the Lewis & Skinner archives:


  1. I went past this wall again this afternoon and unfortunately someone has removed the old tin Bex and Passiona signs. I think they added a lot to the sign collection on this wall, especially the Bex sign which had the fence built up to it.

  2. Very sad Tony - glad we got the photos. They're worth money these days, so you can see why they've been taken. It happened in Coburg too - the tin icecream sign that used to be on an old milk bar (now residence) was gone when I last looked.

    At least brick signs will never be removed and sold.