Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A day of roaming and snapping

This morning I dropped off my car to the repairer, following an incident the other week when a driver in a supermarket car park backed into my driver's side door. Cest la vie.

Anyway, I had the bike in the back, and the day wasn't wet, so off I went, from Preston into the city.

Along the way, as you'd expect, I snapped some signs:

Side of old milk bar in Northcote...there was once a sign up there

...and there's still a trace at the front.

A few from Carlton on the way in:

A golden glory off Rathdowne Street

...the other side

Can you see the cursive?

Victorian baker

Then later on, after taking the train to St Albans, I rode back to Footscray along Ballarat Road:


Lonesome Road: this front's been commonly snapped

...but the side has rarely been. Brilliant Robur Tea sign that I've never noticed before.

Further on Ballarat Road...from the side

and the front...ghost servo.

Front again.

Also Ballarat Road.

Ditto. Old corner store. There's a sign behind here somewhere, but it ain't gonna be revealed any time soon.

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