Friday, May 3, 2013

Brunswick signs: an accidental uncovering, Robur on the roof, and others

This afternoon I managed to snatch an hour on the way home to document a Brunswick sign I'd heard about. In the process I was able to snap a few others as well.

That sign was on a building sporting a commonly-photographed sign for Thor (a former white goods manufacturer) as well as other faint remnants of signs:

But what's that on the roof?

Can you see it? A giant Robur sign, painted way before the days of Google Maps. There's one on the other side of the roof too, as well as one on the back of the building, as taken from the alley behind:

Speaking of Google Maps, here's how it appears on that:

A block away, on the way to the Robur sign, I encountered a superb accidental uncovering - an example of how vinyl can be inferior, especially on a windy day like today. The letters, framed by the unpainted billboard space, used to spell 'PERFECTION'. Couldn't have put it better myself:

Now back to the Albion Street/Melville Road intersection, then down Albion to its small old shops:

a sign just wanting to escape from under its prison of paint....
 Now a block down to the more industrial landscape of Hope Street and surrounds:


  1. One of my favourites in Brunswick is the old clothing factory on Brunswick Road. It was to have been made into an apartment complex but I don't think this is going ahead. I think it should be made into a "museum of manufacture", celebrating the story of the clothing industry in Melbourne's north. Please visit my blog Bohemian in Brunswick.

    1. Yep I know the one - it's great. Have taken one pic of's on this blog somewhere but was taken from the car in transit so it's a bit blurry. Thanks for commenting.