Sunday, February 3, 2013

A bayside ghost sign search, plus a few others

Thanks to last week's beautiful evening weather in Melbourne town, I got out on the bike after work to snap a few signs I'd seen previously. I made my way down the Beach Road bike path, starting in Middle Park and ending up at Rickett's Point, stopping along the way to examine the shopping strips at Hampton and Sandringham.

As well as spirit-lifting views of the Port Phillip bay, I stumbled on a few very nice ghost signs, as well as a few more standard-issue ones

Firstly, Hampton, which although having been painted and preened to an inch of its upwardly-mobile life, managed to retain a few signs of its former self:

Next up, Sandringham:

The trip back, some three hours later, was quite a treat, with the sun setting over the bay and reflecting off city buildings:

To finish, here are a few more ghost signs from other parts of Melbourne, snapped on the way to other places:

South Melbourne, the evening of the bayside visit. Had seen this one from the car on the way down when I'd stopped at the lights. It was in a dark alley...I hope to snap it again during the day when the whole thing is visible and I might be able to see what the "1 pound to 100 pounds" refers to.

North Fitzroy - this looks like the first backwards/reversed ghost sign I've ever seen. Wonder how this came to pass?

Preston - repurposed in a back alley

West Heidelberg - the industrial bit

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