Thursday, January 31, 2013

signs of the inner west

Recently I went for a scavenge around the back bits of Yarraville, Spotswood and Newport. As well as glittering mountains of broken glass and massive oil depots, I found a working man's castle - more on that soon - and a fenced-off derelict street full of old factories containing piles of abandoned railway equipment and machines (that is, until the friendly but slack security guy realised I'd ambled in through the open gatehouse door). And some signs, natch. Seems my phone was in a bad mood that day so most of the pics didn't come out too well, but here are a few:

This is one I snapped some months ago in Spotswood, prior to its dissection. Here's the half-a-sign now.

The front of the Vic Railways store in Newport

VR store too. I so wish I had a zoom...that wooden board had some good writing that you can't see here.
And here's the 'castle' in Spotswood/Newport. Think it must have been a railway training centre or something. Now it's home to a textile company.

Window of the 'castle'. What's that logo?
And when you look in the window...strange contraptions from another era

Next door to the castle. Seems to be have been covered up until recently, judging by the Google Street View pic below:


  1. The Goetz sign above was taken down and preserved by Palace Signs while the building was undergoing refurbishments. I think it was protected by a council heritage order.

  2. Good to know - thank you Tony. At yesterday's session we discussed heritage orders so this is interesting to know.

  3. How did you manage to take pictures of Inner West Sydney almost empty like this, it almost looks like a ghost town in these pictures.. Could be a perfect photoshoot opportunity though!

    1. Hi Mark. This is actually the inner west of Melbourne - maybe Sydney's old industrial areas are busier!