Tuesday, July 10, 2012

North Carlton, Footscray and a couple of others

The other day, on the way back from taking the kids to the zoo,  I was able to quickly stop and snap the popular ghost sign in North Carlton (well, wall of ghost signs really, thanks to the self-promotional skills of a former corner grocery), as well as another around the block.

These are followed by a few more in Footscray:


Didn't see this ace Victorian one till I was right up close...

Also another non-ghost sign snap from Footscray, because I like it:

...and a shot of an old local pub I snapped a year ago, just when it was about to close, its windows (somewhat poignantly) emblazoned pleadingly with "follow us on Facebook'. A sad sight then and now, signifying the loss of a community focal point and, once again, the creation of apartments for recent blow-ins through the process of 'market forces':

Three from last year:

And lastly, one other from Prahran, spied on the way to a friend's place:


  1. Really like the three in one sign third from top. Do you know what the emblem on the top piece of wall was advertising? Looks like a slightly flattened Victoria Cross.

  2. Hi Sam. It's actually for Velvet soap. There's a clearer example at another location to be seen here: http://findingtheradiobook.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/urban-archaeologys-time-and.html