Saturday, July 28, 2012

Adelaide part two

On the second day in Adelaide I went to the east part of the city, to Rundle Street and the old market that's now been converted to a pile of stark red-brick apartments, albeit with a few facades retained here and there. And from there, into a few side streets. There were more ghosts signs to be found here than elsewhere. First, the market:

And then the lanes off Rundle and Frome Streets, including Synagogue Place, with the building that is now a nightclub:

This one's from Rundle Mall

..and an attempt to bring the layers back..


  1. Love the lettering, especially the 'g' on the Produce Exchange sign, do you have a 'full frontal' of that one.

  2. Sorry Sam - I don't. Pretty well known facade though so there are probably other pics oiut there. There's more to the writing too: see