Sunday, June 17, 2012

Some more photos

A few ghost signs from Lygon Street, North Carlton, one from Ascot Vale, and a couple from Lang Lang and Waga Wagga:

Lang Lang - brilliant 'waterfall' deco ex-butcher building

Lang Lang - not strictly a ghost sign (business is still operational) but the pastoral painting rocks

Just off Lygon St, Brunswick

Lygon St - former overalls factory

Lygon St -former tailor

Lygon St - and right next to the ex-tailor...a brilliant find, hidden away

Union St , Ascot Vale - snapped from the car

Victoria Uni archives - 1930s-1940s contact book from the former Footscray Technical School, listing enquiries by local industries about 'lads wanted' (apprentices). Looked here for any info about Lewis &Skinner, but nothing forthcoming (a few by Vacuum Oil though...)

Wagga Wagga - window of cafe

Wagga Wagga - superb 'waterfall' style service station. Similar in style to some in the Lewis & Skinner records, which have since been replaced

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