Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A few from Ascot Vale

From this morning, en route to work business:

These next two aren't ghost signs (businesses are still running) but they're good all the same


  1. Your snaps and your writing are a wondrous and evocative glimpse into 'ol Melbourne. Nice one, Stef! I had no idea were doing this with such passion.

    'Tea Wars' Doco on back burner?

    The Lewis and Skinner book. Is that some sort of loose journal? Are there sketches and photos loose in it? The Wagga 'Waterfall' architecture is what appears in the book as a sketch of a Mobil Garage?

    B has just sent your blog to a mate of hers, Anthony Malloy, he snaps Melb history as it fades.
    See: http://goo.gl/ynRHU


    1. Hi there matey.

      Well it's a good reason to do some urban exploring!

      Tea wars? The planned radio doco is on the Aust Radio Productions stuff...but yes, on the backburner for now (too much else on)

      The Lewis & Skinner records are composed of hundred of signwriting job sheets plus some visual stuff (eg see: http://findingtheradiobook.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/few-images-from-lewis-skinner-stuff.html). Currently putting them all onto a web system :)

      Hope you and family are well. (ps had a couple of nice exchangse on youtube from a guy who used to be into the Fuzz...was at the cd launch at the Evelyn in 1994!)

  2. that telesonics shop has been exactly the same since I was 11 years old. Grew up in those streets brings back memories!! great stuff!!

  3. 47 Years ago I worked for Kenneth in 1970, and called him on the phone today. He is still well, and working.