Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Elephant found in deliberate Collingwood uncovering

The other day I was on Smith Street Collingwood. On a corner is a motor garage that's been there forever - these days it looks like it's run by people who are also motoring history enthusiasts. The place was open and the walls were covered in old enamel signs for petrol and oil. People were sitting around the workshop, so I felt odd about taking photos.

A few days earlier, though, I'd been there when the place was closed. The whitewashed walls have been partly stripped back, presumably by the enthusiast owners, to reveal a bunch of old painted signs, including a big one for Elephant Kerosene, a former brand of both the Esso and Standard-Vacuum oil companies:

Elephant brand kerosene used to be a popular one in the early to mid 20th century:

Looking up close, and lots of other details revealed themselves, including the old phone number dating from the 1950s:


  1. Hi Stefan these auto related photos are terrific. I believe there is also a place with many signs like this in Abbotsford. It is an old car remodelling place. I'll get the address and re-post. Rob Gray

  2. That's pennant kerosene, a shell (at the time shell/BP) product