Thursday, September 11, 2014

A collection of brilliant Melbourne signs from Leisa

Thanks so much to Leisa for passing on these pics of signs I haven't seen before. I'm sure I've been past some of these locations and haven't noticed them:


Heidelberg - nice bit of Bushells sign spotting with that first one:

Front of Heidelberg building:

Some others at the rear:




  1. Lovely stuff, thanks for posting. That Paragon Printers on LaTrobe St has been demolished now, but yesterday I noticed another sign on the wall behind it, which probably won't be there for long.The School of Dancing sign is so great, wish I could decipher it fully!

    1. Thanks Nick. This morning someone sent me a pic of a great revealed saw maker's sign on LaTrobe. Looks like it will be gone very soon - hope to post it shortly.

  2. A comment about Leisa's rubber maker sign. In case you dont know the full name its Barnet Glass Rubber Co. and a lot about this company and related companies in a biography of Frank Stewart, a wealthy entrepreneur and politician who was active from late 1880's to 1930's. He was involved in all manner of trading from clothing to rubber goods to early motor bikes and cars. The clothing store was called Lincoln, Stuart & Co. Book is "Merchant in Marvellous Melbourne: Frank Stuart by Francis Stuart. A great read of the land boom and bust years at the turn of the 20th century. Rob

    1. Hi Rob. Turns out Lewis & Skinner did a lot of the early Barnet Glass jobs in the 1910s and 1920s:


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