Monday, July 1, 2013

Milk, drinks and alcohol from around Melbourne

Some more signs to pass on. Firstly, the Gilmour's Milk sign uncovered by accident on Moreland Road, Brunswick:

Now for Moonee Ponds and the brilliant Marchants drink sign I heard about on Facebook recently, followed by a few others in the area. Note the smiling faces of the cartoon kids on the Marchants sign:

Now for the fantastic wall of signs near Seaholme station (Altona). This was previously snapped by Tony Mead, but I had to see it in person:

The tea, by the way, is Glen Valley tea...looks like it was a locally distributed brand. See the following sign (right hand side), courtesy Public Records Office of Victoria

And last, a building with Victorian ghost signs, in Williamstown on the way back:


  1. What is a liscenced Victualler?

  2. Looks like it's pretty well a pub owner:

    Plenty of seadogs in Williamstown, circa 1860, to ply your trade to!