Wednesday, March 6, 2013

nonnas, garbage trucks and radio interviews

This morning I did a radio interview on ghost signs with Perth station 6PR. It was at 6.15am Perth time, or 9.15am Melbourne time. I was due to take a tour of a potential high school in Brunswick for my daughter at 9.30am.

So at 9.10am I parked the car in a Brunswick side street (after having passed a great Gilmours Milk ghost sign that I didn't have the time or wherewithall to snap) and waited in the morning heat.

Grandmas in black passed, curious at the sight of this guy with a notepad and mobile phone, sitting in his car and looking like he was casing someone's house. A garbage truck emptied bins loudly at the end of the street, then disappeared. I prayed that it wouldn't come back for the next ten minutes. The Optus bars on my phone sat on 3 - it's an unreliable connection at the best of times.

The call came and it all went OK. A short and sweet interview about the advertising past undertaken with a guy in Perth - who talked about traces of signs remaining on WA railway lines - from a car on a street in inner suburban Melbourne. I took off at 9.26 to go to the school tour.

Then a little later, leaving the tour, the same phone rang - a producer from the Red Symons show on ABC Radio, wanting me to talk about ghost signs tomorrow (Friday) morning at 6.00am or thereabouts. I told them I was already doing an interview on Saturday morning on the Hilary Harper show, at 7.20am. They'll get back to me; it's a tentative yes for now.

What strange times we live in: an ongoing, rolling jumbling together of times, places and contexts.

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  1. You never know what is around the corner.

    Or on a wall, just above the corner...