Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sydney ghost signs

Have just returned from a few days in Sydney, a city whose ghost signs are relatively scarce, judging by my few days of meandering. It has the requisite old buildings, the large population and the intense competition. But maybe this beautiful and lively centre of commerce has had less of the boom-bust dynamic of Melbourne - growth followed by neglect that allows things to be created, then to sit and be? In Sydney, it seems, things are always moving - renewed, torn down, painted over. But a few traces have remained. Here are the ones I've found.

First, Glebe Point Road:

Then the CBD:


 St Peters:

Strawberry Hills:


  1. Nice collection Stefan, interested to learn that there aren't that many to discover there. Mark's Preserve project used to feature a few but maybe these are the exception to the rule. Certainly in London now the 'hot spots' are in areas quite a way from the centre.

    1. What's interesting about the Preserve site is now many of the same Sydney signs appear as above (albeit photographed a lot better than my iPhone snaps). There can't be too many signs about. But then we both might have missed the ones in, as you say, the more out of the way places - as opposed to the more well-travelled places we covered like the CBD and Newtown.

    2. Sounds a plausible theory, I'm going to link to this page from Ghostsigns and see if any Sydney residents can verify the theory.

  2. I found this post when i googled 'ghost signs Sydney' because I plan to do some hunting when I'm up there this Saturday. I recognise some of these - the CBD and Newtown ones - from my last visit at Christmas. I agree ghost signs seem scarcer in Sydney.