Sunday, April 15, 2012

One from a friend, and one I missed in Reynard Street

Thanks Adam for this one. Story is: "This is on a wall in Westgarth that was briefly uncovered when they demolished a building to make way for some ugly new apartments. It's covered up again now for another 30 years"

One I missed last time in Reynard Street Coburg West

...and from the front


  1. Hey really enjoy this blog...I saw something you may be interested in, or may have already seen in Hudsons Rd Spotswood on the strip of shops just before the railway line. An old sign that is exposed due to some renovations going on at the back of one of the shops...

  2. Thank you urbanmonk. Will get down there today to take a look (I work just up the road in Footscray). BTW took a look your street art on your blog and loved it, especially the Millet one, bag lady and the 'lonely' and emu ones.

  3. thanks very much glad you like. If you saw the yellow Lego Men all over the front of one of the cafes in Hudsons rd, thats my work:)